Saturday, April 30, 2011

May: Religion and Politics. Two plays that are dinner party taboos.

This is our Bard show last week
we rocked Fisher hall for "Tears for Haiti". we are still the Hudson Valley's only multicultural, multigenerational, professional educational Theater company!
                                         Saturday May 14th at the Howland Cultural Center
                                    (6:00pm to 9:00 pm) at 477 Main street  Beacon NY 12508
OUR Playwright/Actors lab is Free this month, for all of you to come in try us out..kick the tires and take us for a spin.
There are two subjects you’re not supposed to bring up at a dinner party, they are:
                                                                        Religion and Politics
and our three play reading offer first drafts in May and are primarily about …
“Obama: What have we done?” by Michael Monasterial
 Two top magazine writers from across political fence must collaborate to write a balanced biography of our President. They use hypothetical scenarios and text from actual speeches to uncover the Real man behind the smoke screen.

“Time Bomb: J Edgar Hoover and Malcom X” by Michael Monasterial
In 1963, the United States was on the verge of Civil War. A war over the most volatile issue facing America: Civil rights and Race. These two men had a confrontation of philosophies that could only end one way…explosion.
The third play we are opening as we begin our 2011 season is a 20 minute preview of

“Toussant L’Overture: The Fire that never dies!” by Michael Monasterial
In 1792, a revolution started that would pit a small slave island nation against the three world supers: England, Spain and France. When the people of Haiti won their Independence the man that led them to victory was kidnapped to the Swiss Alps and tortured to death after he was lured in by a peace treaty. His name and his story can never be forgotten.

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