Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nina's Fire the New American Musical is HOT HOT HOT!!!

"Nina's Fire: The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire of 1911"
The New American Musical
written by
Michael Monasterial
Story by
Michael Monasterial and Mike Jukovic
Music by
Chris Hillard and Zac Zinger
with Lyrics and melody by
Michael Monasterial

after years of hard work the script is in its last stages and so are the 10 Broadway musical hits that comprise our soundtrack.  Come watch the Nina's Fire Commercial

We are loaded, aimed and ready to produce our great new show in the Spring 2013

This is our masterwork since it represents the culmination of our vision and our mission
to enlighten youth through engaging Historic Theater.

The Play is basically about two women of different ages both consumed by their passion for struggle. Lilith Walsh, one of the organizers of the garment workers union sacrifices everything, including her life and family for her cause and is almost killed in the worst industrial fire in US history where 147 people (mostly immigrant women garment workers) are burned to death in the Triangle Shirtwaist factory sweatshop. Sabrina Walsh is her great great grand daughter that sneaks out of NorthEastern to join Occupy and is arrested. This play burns with passions and struggles as each character fights for their place, their identity and the purpose for their very lives.

2 hour running time
10 original songs
14 characters
$100,000. to Produce Off Broadway for a month to start the run...and we hope a long, long run